Terms and Conditions for booking appointments:

1. In order to properly clean your windows and provide the best quality service, Sun Rays In requires an INTAKE form to be filled out and returned to us via email so we can book you with appropriate time and tools.
This helps us give you as a valued customer, the best care possible.

  1. 2. Cancellation Policy After booking, client must cancel with notice by email in writing 48 hours prior to scheduled cleaning with a request to rebook services. Otherwise the Groupon coupon may ONLY be applied to regular scheduled fees of service provided by Sun Rays In.

  2. 3.Homeowner or Tenant MUST be present at the scheduled time of service for all INTERIOR cleaning.

  3. 4. Sun Rays In CANNOT move furnishings or any furniture that may obstruct our ability to properly clean
    a window(s).

  4. 5. NO ANIMALS may be in designated work area that purchaser has arranged for window cleanings. This includes backyards, front enclosures, courtyards, etc.. for EXTERIOR cleanings. This is to provide for the safety of our technicians and the safety of the homeowners' pet(s). We love animals, but not in our workspace!


1) Standard ceilings are 8 foot ceilings from the floor. Anything higher than 8 foot ceilings
**Can be bid as an extra on our Groupon**

2) One Story Groupon is valued as 3500 square feet Interior or Exterior (or split between both, such as 1750 square feet of Interior and 1750 square feet of Exterior) of window cleaning services.

3) A Two Story Groupon is valued as 7000 square feet Interior or Exterior (or split between both, such as 3500 square feet of Interior and 3500 square feet of Exterior) window cleaning services.

4) Screens and windows must be in good working order to be cleaned. If screens
Need to be replaced due to poor condition (being bent, torn, rusted or degraded by sun),
then we will remove them for cleaning BUT WE WILL NOT REINSTALL THE FAULTY SCREENS.


Services and Pricing


Windows- up to 3500 square ft. (measuring interior+exterior for cleaning both inside and outside)
on a one story house- $250.00
Windows- up to 7000 square ft. (measuring interior+exterior for cleaning both inside and outside)
on a two story house- $450.00

*A standard window is 4' x 6' or less.
ANY WINDOW larger is considered an extra and we will call the homeowner to negotiate the price according
to the size and difficulty of reaching such window(s)

**A SINGLE panel of glass that is 4' x 6' is considered a window. So, for instance a bay window with separate panels of glass would be considered 3 separate windows.
***A two story house is considered standard 28 feet to the roof ridge. We will go up 30 feet on a ladder.
Any exceptions will be treated as an extra and negotiated with the homeowner as such.


Skylights- $20.00 per skylight


Solar Panels-$7.00 per panel including cleaning the frames and blading the glass, checking components for rust, tying any loose wires and giving a reading of solar output before and after services are rendered.

*We are happy to give our Sun Rays In customers a free diagnostic check of their panel array output and we provide maintenance of inverters and upgrades to systems as additional services with our highly qualified team of licensed electrical contractor and solar specialist.


Sun Rays In will pressure wash your deck, patio, driveways, and entrances with biodegradable soap or the cleanser of the homeowners choice. Proper pressure washing prevents mold from building and is essential to preserving decks. We are meticulous in our service.

Pressure washing will be bid according to the time needed to clean surfaces and the square footage to
be pressure washed.

*We will seal decks and tiles for additional cost with sealer provided by homeowner

5) SUN RAYS IN will be happy to go over a quick checklist of energy efficiency techniques
that will help our customers save $ on the energy bills!